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Pitango Gelato makes authentic Italian gelato with organic milk from grass-fed cows and sorbet from fresh fruit. We craft every batch using simple, natural ingredients—from imported Italian nuts to premium, single-origin chocolates.

 Our made-from-scratch products are free from colorings, flavorings, and preservatives. And we churn each flavor on site to ensure peak freshness.

What is Gelato?

Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian. It is an all-inclusive term that loosely translates to ice cream but also includes anything from sorbet and yogurt to custards. In the U.S., gelato cannot be called ice cream because by legal definition ice cream must contain a minimum of ten percent milkfat; premium ice cream brands can contain twice that amount of fat. In contrast, gelato is made with only five to eight percent milkfat, making it a healthier alternative.

Gelato is churned differently than ice cream and contains less air. Despite its lower fat content, gelato boasts a creamy consistency and when done right is thick, dense and elastic. But what truly distinguishes gelato is its taste.

What is Sorbet?

Our sorbets are made with fresh organic fruit, in season and sourced locally whenever possible. We do not use concentrates, flavorings, syrups, previously frozen or processed fruits or anything that is not simply whole, fresh fruit. We carefully juice all of the fruit ourselves, from locally grown raspberries and California pomegranates to organic mangoes.

Pitango’s vegan sorbets contain no dairy or animal products. And with the exceptions of our chocolate sorbets, they are fat-free.

Our freezer

Rather than displaying our gelato in a glass air-cooled freezer, we serve it from an Italian custom-made bancone a pozzetti that stores each flavor in an individually sealed compartment. This prevents freezer burn and flavor contamination while keeping our product at a very precise temperature and texture. Cooled by energy-retaining liquid, our bancone is also an energy-efficient solution, since it requires much less electricity than a standard display case.

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Made on the Premises

After flavors are blended on the farm, we churn every batch of gelato and sorbet on location in each of our shops to ensure peak freshness.

The step of churning our products on site—and not in a factory—also enables us to bypass the need for chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, colorings or flavorings. We think you’ll taste the difference.