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Whether consumed straight up, with steamed milk or as an affogato, our coffee drinks are inspired by Italian espresso-based offerings.

Each drink is made with expertly steamed milk, as well as, oat, almond or soy milk upon request.

Vigilante Coffee

Vigilante Coffee is a local DC roaster that sources high-quality beans directly from farms all over the world, maintaining strict standards every step of the way. Pitango shares Vigilante’s passion for its craft and its uncompromising commitment to quality.

Coffee Training Program

It takes weeks of practice and developing coffee aptitude before our team members can serve espresso drinks. We go to great lengths to ensure Pitango certified baristas have the skills to pull a perfect shot and steam milk to peak temperature and texture.

Fortunata Espresso Blend

Unlike single-origin brews, espresso requires a blend of coffees; each variety in the blend creates one facet of the flavor profile. Over time, a roaster must maintain the blend’s character, which is no easy task.

We collaborated with Vigilante for months to create a custom espresso blend offered exclusively at all Pitango locations. Called Fortunata, it combines Brazilian, Indonesian and Ethiopian beans for a unique flavor profile. 

Named for Noah Dan’s Italian grandmother, Fortunata features notes of fruit and honey along with a nutty and toasty flavor. It is strong and feisty, but never bitter.