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Treat your friends and family to a hot Italian sipping chocolate bar. Pitango can cater events of any size, from large, formal affairs to casual office parties.

Our rich and intense Italian Sipping chocolate is made with just three premium ingredients: organic grass-fed milk, single-origin chocolate from the Ivory Coast, and organic cane sugar.

Whether you prefer to sip it straight or add steamed milk and whipped cream, our Sipping Chocolate is the ideal Winter treat. Not overly sweet, just intensely chocolatey, and completely free from additives or thickeners— it's crafted to satisfy every chocolate lover’s craving.

Pitango's full service hot chocolate catering involves your sipping chocolate with our rotating chocolate tempering machine, steamed milk and your choice of premium toppings, served by our professional catering team. 

Hot chocolate catering starts at $700 + tax and additional expenses are relative to attendance, portion size, transportation, serving hours.


10 oz Portions - $11 per person


  • Full service catering from our mobile hot chocolate dispenser with our team members onsite to fully set-up, serve and explain the product, as well as expedite teardown and transport with our catering van
  • Complimentary tasting session prior to your event
  • 1 hour of beverage service
  • 4 toppings of your choice
  • All paper products including cups, napkins + spoons
  • Required Minimum spend of $700

Add ons:

  • If location of event is beyond 30 min from any gelato store, there is a $150 travel fee
  • $100 per each additional hour of service