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Unlike novelty shops, we love to woo our customers by perfecting simple flavors. Our ingredients reflect this philosophy.

With the simple recipes and no pre-made powders and mixes, it’s really up to wholesome ingredients to perform the magic that comes when a flavor stays true to its namesake.


After touring the east coast for top quality milk, Noah Dan established a dairy facility on a family farm in Maryland. Here, Pitango sources fresh milk and cream from the farm’s single herd of grass-fed Jersey cows. For city dwellers, our gelato might be the closest thing to fresh cow’s milk that they’ll ever taste.


Fresh egg yolks are still the best emulsifier nature has to offer and the only one we use. We crack and separate our farm-fresh eggs by hand for our custard-based gelato flavors. 


In Italy, Nocciola is the third most popular ice cream flavor. Our gelato is made exclusively with imported Italian “Nocciola di Piemonte, Tonda Gentile delle Langhe (IGP).” These nuts’ delicate, silky taste and aroma make our Nocciola gelato totally addictive.


All six of Pitango’s chocolate gelato and sorbet flavors are made with Domori single-origin chocolate. Based near Torino, Italy, Domori takes a sustainable approach. The company directly selects cacao producers and trains them to cultivate high-quality cacao through an ongoing education process focused on plant botany and cacao fermentation methods. Domori is committed to saving some of the world’s most prized cacao varieties from extinction and its products have won numerous awards, including a gold medal at the UK’s coveted Academy of Chocolate 2016 Awards for its Criollo chocolate.


Our sorbets are made with fresh organic fruit, in season and sourced locally whenever possible. We do not use concentrates, flavorings, previously frozen or processed fruits or anything that is not simply whole, fresh fruit. We carefully juice all of the fruit ourselves, from locally grown raspberries to imported mangoes and kiwis.

a hand holding a green apple


For our pistachio gelato we use “Pistachio di Bronte IGP” nuts which are cultivated on the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily. This variety differs from the common pistachio; it has a longer shape and an intense flavor that cannot be imitated. As if to make matters a bit more complicated, the plant yields a crop only once every two years… so this is not a cheap or easy flavor to make. In fact, Pistachio di Bronte nuts cost about five times the price of domestic pistachios, but we believe there is simply no substitute.