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Our Story

Noah Dan, who spent his childhood in Trieste, Italy, founded Pitango in 2007 to re-create the pure and wholesome gelato of his youth. Still a family-owned business, Pitango now has six locations in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

On a quest to find the best milk possible, Noah set up our own dairy on Pennsylvania’s Spring Wood Organic Farm—a pioneer in grass-fed, organic farming. We prepare gelato and sorbets on the farm to source milk from Spring Wood’s single herd, eggs from its free-range hens and fruit from local orchards.

After flavors are blended on the farm, we churn every batch of gelato and sorbet on location in each of our shops to ensure peak freshness.

The step of churning our products on site—and not in a factory—also enables us to bypass the need for chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, colorings or flavorings. We think you’ll taste the difference.