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Pitango Bakery + Café was launched in 2015 with the same focus on honest ingredients and attention to detail that we devote to Pitango Gelato. We were inspired by Italian bakeries and legendary Italian sandwich shops, where taking shortcuts is simply not an option. Our breads are baked daily the traditional way with natural leavening and a slow-rising process that creates a rich, complex flavor and hearty crust.

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Prosciutto di Parma

 We source our Prosciutto di Parma directly from a family-owned producer in Parma, Italy, that carefully cures and ages its ham without preservatives or additives. This curing process—actually a very slow natural fermentation—that creates the ham’s irresistible taste and aroma. 

For reasons of convenience, practically all Prosciutto shipped to the U.S. has been deboned and vacuum-packed. While this is all very practical, the “convenience” of vacuum-packing happens to stop the aging process, causing the hams’ unique flavor and aroma to decline over time.

For that reason, we decided to buck convenience and directly import whole, bone-in Prosciutto di Parma ourselves. These hams continue to age naturally in this temperature-controlled case. At Pitango, we’re willing to skip the shortcuts so we can serve this delicacy in peak form.


We hand-roll and proof our croissants on a daily basis. Choose among Almond croissants, filled with almond frangipane cream and topped with slivered almonds; Chocolate croissants, filled with melted coverture chocolate; and Ham & Cheese croissants, made with prosciutto cotto, house-made béchamel and Gruyere.



Derived from “focus,” the Latin word for hearth, focaccia is a traditional Italian flatbread with a bubbly crust and airy interior. We let our focaccia dough rest for a full day before baking to achieve the right flavor and texture. 


Eggplant is one of the many vegetables we roast on a daily basis. We use a purple Japanese variety and hand-slice each one to ensure every bite incorporates a bit of savory skin. We dress our eggplant with sesame seeds and red wine vinegar.