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  1. We make classic Italian flavors of gelato using all-organic local dairy products, eggs, sugar and chocolate. We also use fresh local seasonal fruits, depending on availability. At our retail locations we serve only twenty flavores at a time, so keep in mind that some of the flavore listed here are not alwayes available

    Classic dairy flavors include:

    Fior di Latte

    Made with pure milk and cream, this simple selection is the perfect complement to dark chocolate or any other strong flavor.

    Creme Fraiche

    Made with probiotic cultured cream, this is a refreshing and healthy snack.


    This Italian custard is a simple and elegant flavor that's both delicate and satisfying.

    Gianduja (chocolate hazelnut)

    Hazelnuts and chocolate combine to create an irresistible flavor all its own.


    We use the best organic chocolates known to man in this rich flavor that also contains dark chocolate chips. Enough said.

    Spicy Chocolate

    A hint of hot pepper dovetails nicely with our chocolate gelato--a unique and surprising taste sensation.

    Caffe Espresso

    We brew dozens of shots of authentic espresso by hand for every batch of Caffe Espresso gelato we make. It’s the only way to achieve this quintessential flavor.

    Stracciatella (Vanilla Chocolate Chip)

    A classic Fior di Latte mixed with Costa Rican chocolate cru chips.

    Nocciola (hazelnut)

    Made with Piemonte Hazelnuts imported from Italy, specifically "Nocciola Tonda Gentile delle Langhe I.G.P." these nuts are so precious that they have their own protective mark, and it is for a good reason, no other hazelnut have this flavor profile that produce a delicate and silky gelato that is full of character.

    Pistachio di Bronte

    When it comes to pistachios, there is really only one undisputed king: Bronte, Sicily. Bronte's pistachios are so unique that they have their own protective mark (D.O.P), very much like fine wines. This tough little nut grows in Sicily on the foothills of the active Mount Etna volcano and yields fruit only once in two years. After tasting these nuts, we decided to fly it in because there is simply nothing that comes close to its incredible flavor.


    Although not a classic Italian flavor, our fresh organic Banana gelato has developed a cult following.


    Made with organic Thai coconut milk, this is a smooth and comforting flavor.


    Freshly ground organic cinnamon from Sumatra distinguishes this spicy flavor.

    Bourbon Vanilla

    We searched the globe for the best vanilla beans we could find and landed on Singing Dog organic Bourbon vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea. We use only the real vanilla caviar.

    Sicilian Almond

    Thanks to the unique almonds we import from Sicily, this flavor is redolent of this delicate yet unmistakable favorite.


    This Eastern spice has many uses in beverage and dessert preparations. We steep premium organic Cardamom pods in pure milk gelato, leaving behind a few of the black seeds in the mix and resulting in what many profess to be the ultimate "comfort" flavor.


  3. Chocolate Noir

    It's all about the chocolate: dark, deep and complex. This marriage of Venezuelan cocoa and Costa Rican couverture chocolate creates an intense flavor that's not too sweet or too bitter. It's also rich in antioxidants, low in fat (less than six percent) and dairy free.

    Spicy Chocolate

    Think Juliette Binoche in the film Chocolat. While we can't vouch for its aphrodisiac qualities, we can attest to the fact that a hint of hot pepper is a perfect, if unexpected, complement to our Dark Chocolate.

    Orange Dark Chocolate

    We lace our Chocolate Noir sorbet with a hint of orange essence for a truly decadent combination.


  5. Apricot

    Fresh local apricots from Pennsylvania distinguish this deep complex and tart flavor.

    Bosc Pear

    Made with Perfectly ripe Bosc pears from local Pennsylvania family orchard, this sorbet has a clean, intense flavor that only fresh-picked fruit can deliver


    For months, we searched far and wide for the best melons we could find. Then we discovered the organic cantaloupes from California's Double D Farm. After tasting of our cantaloupe sorbet, we think you'll agree that it was worth the wait.

    Concord Grape

    The embodiment of Indian summer, Concord grapes seem to pack all of the flavor and heat of the season inside them. This sorbet is meant to capture the essence of the American summer.

    Granny Smith

    A common fruit yields uncommon results in this refreshing and healthful sorbet. Free of artificial flavors and the typical "green apple" coloring, this sorbet is pure Granny Smith.


    There's no better way to cool off on a hot summer's day than with this pure and simple sorbet—the quintessential Italian flavor. Made with fresh-squeezed organic Florida lemons.


    Lime lovers will favor this sorbet made from fresh-squeezed, organic tropical limes. It's not too sweet—and thoroughly refreshing.


    Made with organic Haitian mangoes, this sorbet has a creamy consistency and an intense tropical flavor.


    We combine fresh-squeezed lime juice with plenty of mint in this refreshing sorbet. Made sans alcohol, it goes down just as smoothly as the Cuban classic.


    Unlike industrial brands, we don't use mixes, flavorings, frozen or pre-packaged fruit in our products. We select our fresh-picked organic peaches in their prime—and nothing compares to the real thing.


    The ultimate fall fruit, quince is strikingly fragrant and makes for unique, sweet-tart sorbet. Made with fresh (uncooked) Pennsylvania quince.


    Every portion of this refreshingly tangy sorbet contains almost a half-pint of freshly picked fruit. After a long search, we found these reds, certified-organic gems on New Morning Farm in nearby Pennsylvania.


    Almost too good to be true, this sorbet is made from organic Pennsylvania rhubarb. It is sweet and tart at the same time and exploding with flavor. It pairs well with Crema, Vanilla and other sorbets.


    We carefully select fresh strawberries ourselves to ensure peak texture and flavor. Grown on small independent farms, our berries create an authentic sorbet that's full of fresh fruit.


    The unmistakable flavor of fresh-squeezed organic Florida tangerines dominates this refreshing sorbet. Paired with Vanilla, it offers a new take on a classic American combination.

    White Grapefruit

    Made with fresh-squeezed organic Florida grapefruits, this refreshing flavor is so pure, you could eat it for breakfast. It's a wonderful palate cleanser and combines surprisingly well with chocolate.